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Introducing Broadcast Services, a New Subscription Flow, and the First Steps Towards the Future System in ContentDepot

NPR Distribution Future Systems initiative is a massive, far-reaching project to develop and implement the next-generation distribution system of public radio. The ultimate goal of this project is the modernization of the technology behind public radio across the nation. To support this mission and bring new and exciting features to the ContentDepot, we have made a few changes.

Broadcast Services

The Process of Subscribing Has Changed

With the introduction of broadcast services, we have made it easier to subscribe and unsubscribe to programming. This new subscription process will set you up for an easy transition when your ATX receivers are shipped, as well as build out your playout schedule.

Note: Entering your playout information will not affect the delivery of these programs, for now the delivery rules remain the same. You will receive all files with an open air window at the same time you normally receive them, and live subscribed shows will be sent to you as usual.

Broadcast Schedule

This page is a visual representation of what you have told ContentDepot your playout schedule is. There are 3 types of shows that will be represented here: Live Show, Delayed Show, and File Show. All of these are displayed in the timeline and are represented with different color and icon combinations.

Note: The information displayed on your Broadcast Schedule is not what will be sent to your receiver. This page will reflect that information once you have received your new ATX receivers and their automation features are enabled. The information that will be sent to your receiver until then can still be viewed from your "Live Receiver Schedule".

Quick Access to Station Features

We have added a new link in your menu. All station related pages are now easily accessible from the menu bar.

Deep Dive & Learn More

Want to learn more? We've created a video walkthrough that details the new features.

If you want to learn more, here are some more resources.

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